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SECO for Optometrists
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Courses for Optometrists


The Sky’s the Limit – Or is It?!
Question the underlying assumptions we have made about glaucoma for decades and propose new mechanisms of disease and introduce new treatment options to help patients on earth...and perhaps even beyond.
Dr. John Berdahl is one of the most accomplished young eye surgeons in the world. In this exclusive SECO session, he will update the audience on many new innovations in eyecare, what is making news at the ASCRS meetings, and special insights into his research with the NASA Space Agency.

A Fresh Look at Fields and OCTs

Nationally respected expert Don Hood, PhD, will increase your understanding of glaucomatous damage and how to measure it using OCT and adaptive optics. You will see the nature of glaucomatous damage to the macula through both visual field and imaging results as well as learn methods for improving the detection of glaucomatous damage.

Plus, don’t miss Salus University President Michael H. Mittelman, OD, MPH, FAAO join us with Opening Remarks on the Future of Optometry during the More than Meets the Eye Special Session on Thursday, February 25.

Pre and Post Op Cataract Surgery
Daryl Mann, OD, Jason Duncan, OD and Nilou Soltanian, OD
This brand new learning lab will be held in the Exhibit Hall with live patients who have undergone one-day, one-week and one-month pre/post cataract care. All have undergone bladeless cataract surgery.

Amniotic Membranes Learning Lab
Doug Devries, OD and David Kading, OD
This two hour lecture wet lab is designed to give the clinician hands-on experience in placing amniotic membranes. Indications for utilization, proper coding and billing will also be discussed.

Beyond Ebola and HIV Update with infectious disease expert Robert Kalayjian, MD.

Our Practice Management track called ‘Make It Your Business’ will feature seven courses with 11 hours of power-packed, team-centered learning that will enhance the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of any eye care office.

Technology in optometry takes center stage with our new Technology Track, featuring three innovative technology courses: Patient Portals, EHR – Changing the Workflow Paradigm and Integrating Instruments into EMR that can’t be missed.