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Verification of Attendance

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Verification of Attendance

Courses for Optometric Staff


Learning Labs

Obtain practical, hands-on experience with our Learning Labs. Topics for 2016 include Basic and Advanced Lensometry, Basic and Advanced Slit Lamp, Frame Adjustment, Eye Dissection, Applanation, Alternative Tonometry and more.


Team-Centered Learning

Learn about issues that affect the entire practice with our expanded Team Centered Learning courses. Choose from 28 courses on everything from EHR to Marketing, Scheduling to CPR, including the seven-course Make it Your Business practice management track.


New for 2016


Non-Ophthalmic Emergencies

Optometric staff will learn from trained emergency personnel how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a non-ophthalmic emergency such as a stroke or heart attack and how to respond. 

Chairside Assisting

Learn what the technician needs to accomplish to facilitate proper diagnosis and treatment by the doctor, including time saving tips and methods to identify disease-specific complaints.

Clinical Tear Evaluation Learning Lab

Review the etiology of dry eye and its classification, learn to conduct tests used to diagnose and manage patients with dry eye, and review a recommended sequence to conduct a dry eye examination.